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The largest sfw manga art collection on Discord with sources!

Developer: Gofven#0001 

Prefix: \

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1000+ images & sources, from
well-known artists!


  • Access to 1000+ cherrypicked high-quality sfw images!
  • Source to all sfw images with a single command!
  • Sort your search by tags!
  • A wide range of crappy memes!
  • Bookmark your favorite images and share it with others!
  • Regular updates with tons of new images and features!


Basic Commands

  • \sfw

    - Sends a random sfw picture
  • \sfw neko

    - Sends a random nekomimi picture (cat girl ^^)
  • \sfw kemo

    - Sends a random kemonomimi picture (girls with animal ears ^^)
  • \sfw kitsu

    - Sends a random kitsunemimi picture (fox girl ^^)
  • \source

    - Sends source of the latest image sent in current channel from GofvenX
  • \gettrash

    - Sends some crappy memes

  • \bm [imageID] [customName]

    - Bookmarks the image and saves it to your own library
  • \bm list [pageNumber]

    - Lists all your saved bookmarks
  • \bm del [imageID]

    - Deletes a bookmark from your library
  • \sfw [imageID]

    - Shows an sfw picture with given imageID

Special Commands

  • \sfw tags tag1, tag2, ..., tag(n)

    - Sends a random sfw picture with the current tags
  • \source imageID

    - Gets source from imageID (found above every sfw pic)

For more information & commands, please visit https://gofven.net/bots

2019-11-13 - GofvenX v3.0.0 releasing this month, watch new updates at https://alpha.gofven.net/gofvenx! Visit website for more info [work in progress]: https://gofven.net/bots!